Collection: Turkey Jerky

Turkey Jerky - So you are looking for something a little leaner and meaner than beef jerky? Try our turkey jerky! Get only the best turkey jerky products here at The brand of Turkey Jerky is a traditional style, whole-muscle jerky made from all natural turkey breast with no added preservatives or flavoring. Where else are you gonna find that? If soft & tender jerky is your thing, check out the Bricktown Jerky Soft & Tender Style Turkey Jerky. It's easier to chew and still full of flavor. If you aren't sure what to get, we have a Turkey Jerky Sampler that will give you several different flavors so you can find the one that you absolutely love. Rest assured, when it comes to turkey jerky, has your back!

Also, if you like turkey jerky, consider our Chicken Jerky! It's also lean, mean and a great red-meat substitute. We have it in a few unique flavors, so give it a try!