Sell Healthy Beef Jerky for your Fundraising Activities Fundraising is a fun activity, although it takes a lot of hard work to make profits. At one point, schools, churches, non-profit organizations, and even the local government need some financial help. In cases like this, fundraising is usually the most effective way to raise some money for a special cause. If your organization is getting ready for a fundraising activity, we have some great tips and ideas for you.

Fundraisers have to know their goal. This means creating a plan and an end result that will say how much you will earn from the fundraising event. This will ensure that your efforts will not go to waste. Next, you have to come up with a great product to sell or promote. Some of the best sellers are cookies, hotdogs, popcorn, beef jerky, and even non-food items such as T-shirts and scratch cards. Whatever your product is, it has to be timely and desirable. Certain seasons demand different approach. In the winter, you can sell hot chocolate. In the summer, lemonade stands are perfect. At best, the foods that you sell should measure up to health and taste standards. Any concession stand won’t be complete without meat snacks. Beef jerky is an all-time favorite. It comes in a wonderful variety of flavors. Those who are aiming for a successful fundraising program, selling jerky is probably the best bet.

If you buy them online on a wholesale basis, you’ll be surprised at the choices you will find. From regular jerky flavors such as beef, buffalo, or chicken, you can also purchase exotic products such as venison, lamb, elk, ostrich, and alligator jerky. To make your non-profit organization’s fundraiser more interesting, consider customizing your items. When you buy wholesale jerky products online, you can have them customized with stickers on the packaging representing the goal of your fundraiser. For school fundraising, it’s a great idea to have a classroom or grade/level competition. If you’re selling beef jerky to make some profit, reward the class that sells the most number of meat snacks. On occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, Fourth of July, or even any school event, try pairing up beef jerky with items such as popcorn and fruit shakes. Better yet, give great deals such as Buy one, take one or discounts for groups. The bottom line in any fundraiser, whether it’s a school, church, or non-profit organization is that you are doing it for a special cause. You should emphasize the beneficiary of your profits. The more people understand your desire to help, the more generous they will be in giving donations and buying your fundraising products.

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