Concession Stands

Beef Jerky is a Sure Thing for Concession Stand Sales Did you ever think of adding beef jerky products to your concession stand? If you take a look at how well beef jerky sells in any convenience store or supermarket, you’ll realize that meat snacks can actually be a good source of additional profit to your food booth. There are so many benefits in selling jerky. To make the most profit, consider checking for online vendors that offer wholesale purchase.

Whether your run a concession stand for business or non-profit fundraising, selling food and drinks is one of the quickest ways to earn money. The truth is, many food booth vendors enjoy the freedom of being able to work less hours and still be able to travel. If you are a food vendor looking forward to this freedom and business success, you definitely should consider these tips.

  • Variety is great in a concession stand.
  • People are likely to buy more in a food booth that has a lot of different items to offer.
  • If you are selling snacks, make sure you have a complement such as cold drinks.

You can sell jerky in a variety of flavors. Today, jerky products don’t just come in beef. Meat flavors such as venison, alligator, turkey, and buffalo are fairly common. You can pitch these items to your food kiosk to make it more exciting. If you have a lot of competition, you can definitely stand out in the crowd if you decorate your concession stand. The more appealing it looks, the better it will be noticed. Big bold signs will be seen from afar. If you are selling to raise funds, make sure you add the logo of your beneficiary. This will entice more customers to buy when they believe their purchase will be doled out for a good cause.

Perhaps the best part of adding beef jerky items to your concession stand is the fact that jerky is healthy and lasts a long time. It is manufactured and packaged to keep it fresh. Unlike perishables such as popcorn and hotdog sandwiches, beef jerky can be a staple in your concession stand for weeks. They come in great flavors so you can always switch to a different variety anytime. If specialty or gourmet items are your thing, beef jerky is perfect. As mentioned, it comes in an amazing array of meat flavors that you can buy online. Customers who get a taste of exotic jerky flavors will come back for repeat business. They will remember you for your unique product, and may even spread the word to friends. There is no shortage of possibilities to making more profit selling beef jerky in your concession stand.

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