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The Art of Selling Gourmet Jerky in Your Gift Shop In many parts of the United States, gift shop owners are doing their best to promote their products at any season of the year. The truth is, gift and souvenir shop sales are usually dictated by the seasons. For example, gift shops in skiing areas are only open during winter, while those who are near the beach sell well during the summer. Exceptions are those who are open in tourist attractions regardless of the time of the year. If your gift shop incorporates food snacks as part of the product list, consider adding gourmet beef jerky items.

Believe it or not, people who are just browsing around the store will pick any item they find particularly interesting. Beef jerky snacks sell anytime during the year. They are probably the best meat snacks you can buy wholesale for your gift shop. In peak season, souvenir shop owners do not have to promote their store products because tourists pour in. To take advantage of shoulder season, you should have something interesting in your store to introduce to your customers. Consider selling exotic jerky products such as venison, ostrich, kangaroo, elk, or even alligator!

These days, you can buy a great variety of flavors of jerky online. Many vendors sell them on a discount if bought by the bulk. If you sell tourist items in Florida, California, or South Texas, you can promote meat snacks that are indigenous to the tourist attraction where you are located. Who says you cannot get fish and alligator jerky these days? Online, you can find the best tasting and exotic jerky products that will surprise your customers. There are various ways gift shop owners promote their products. You can mail postcards and put exotic jerky as a gift idea. You may try advertising for unique jerky flavors that can be found in your souvenir shop. In special occasions such as Christmas or the 4th of July, you can sell beef sticks on a discount.

If you buy them wholesale online, you have more choices and a better profit. Jerky items can last for a long time so there is little worry about their spoilage. If you love giving your customers the best products that represent your tourist attraction shop, you should explore the possibilities of adding beef jerky items in your store. They are perfect for any occasion, everybody loves snacking on them, and it is also one great gift item to bring home. For selling something as memorable as ostrich jerky, for instance, they might even remember your gift shop and come back the next time they visit your location.

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