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Specialty food retailers can now sell gourmet beef jerky When you hear the word “gourmet”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Something special, a product that is not generic, isn’t it? Gourmet food appeals to people because of the way they are made, the way they are processed, their nutritional content, and of course, the way they taste. Gourmet food retailers have a special way of making their products that attract an epicurean crowd. The Internet plays a great role in gourmet retailing business. Many people do not even know such a product as alligator jerky existed unless a seller posted information about it online, or somebody tried and shared it to other people through gourmet blogs and forums. A lot of exotic products that spring from the line of beef jerky find their way into the convenience stores, vending machines, kitchens, backpacks, and grocery stores because it has been shared by online viral marketing. Did anybody tell you that you can get jerky in flavors such as kangaroo, ostrich, venison, fish, and even antelope? Maybe somebody learned about it on Twitter or Facebook and shared the word.

If you’re a gourmet food retailer, it is a great opportunity to explore beef jerky as a product you can include in your inventory. As much as you have the ability to share the special and exotic flavors of this wonderful meat snack, you also have a lot of resources online. Beef jerky suppliers abound on the Internet. If you buy the product wholesale then you are likely to get a special deal such as a discount or free shipping. The caveat is that you have to make sure you are buying from a reputable beef jerky seller that sells quality products at a good price. Another great opportunity for specialty food retailers is that they can give customers a chance to express their opinion regarding the gourmet food that they sell. If you’re selling beef jerky and you decided to add a variety of meat snack flavors, provide a form for feedback or ask them an open-ended question in a social networking site or a forum. This way, you will learn which jerky flavor is the most popular to your buyers. In turn, you can change your strategy and increase sales on favorite meat snacks instead of selling the same flavor over and over.

If you’re a gourmet food retailer, contact a beef jerky distributor today. The health benefits of this amazing meat snack, its addictive taste, as well as the variety of meat flavors you can offer to your customers can surely help boost your sales. You can always take advantage of inquiring online and making sure you get the best deal you can get, price and quality-wise.

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