Non Profit Organizations

Send the very best…send care packages with Beef Jerky One of the top items in care packages that non-profit, patriotic, and charitable organizations send abroad to our troops is beef jerky. Why? Because jerky meat has tons of benefits for everybody! Our military men and women not only enjoy the taste of jerky but also benefit from the nutrients they get from this wonderful meat snack. Jerky meat is so full of protein, with almost zero fat, and very little carbohydrates. This makes it a perfect on-the-go food for our troops. Of all the items being sent in care packages, beef jerky is probably the best.

Whatever type of occasion, whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fourth of July, Labor Day or Veterans’ Day, sending care packages are always welcome. They create a sense of motivation and gratitude on our troops knowing that someone cares for and supports their effort at maintaining peace and freedom. If you belong to an organization that look forward to send gifts to your loved ones who work for the government or the military, it’s time to start making lists today. According to one military personnel, if your charity organization is sending care packages, consider items that soldiers need and will be able to use or consume easily and conveniently, whether they are male or female soldiers. That’s why adding beef jerky in your care packages list is probably one of the best things you can do for our troops.

Organizations such as firefighters, women’s or military spouses, rotary clubs, schools, and patriotic charity such as Give2thetroops are always looking forward to your help in conveying care items to our soldiers abroad. As a matter of fact, care packages are not only for military men and women. If your organization has decided to add healthy meat snacks such as jerky in your care packages, you could save a whole lot by buying them wholesale online. When you do this, you may be able to get a discount and special offers from beef jerky merchants. Holidays are the best times to send care packages. Employees will appreciate them as much as our troops will. Corporate organizations will benefit by boosting the morale of the workplace through care packages. Everyone knows that happy employees are productive employees. And since beef jerky is an all-time favorite, giving it for special occasions and holidays will bring a smile to workers’ faces.

Whether you manage or belong to a patriotic organization, a non-profit charity, a school that is actively involved in community efforts, or a corporate group, sending care packages to people who need it most is a generous act that recipients will always appreciate. Looking for more information on how to get started selling jerky?