Collection: Biltong

Biltong? Biltong! If you don't know...Biltong is a South African style of jerky. It's VERY similar with slight differences in its processing that makes for a different end result. With our Jerky, we take a big hunk of meat, trim it up, slice it up and then marinate the slices. When the marinating is done, we put the meat in a smoker or a dehydrator to remove the moisture...that makes jerky! With our Biltong, we take a big hunk of meat, season it and then dry the whole hunk of meat for days and days! After the big hunk of meat has been dried, THEN we slice it up. This difference in the process adds a texture and flavor that is different than jerky. It's different, identifiable, unique and delicious! If you are a jerky fan and you've never tried yourself a favor and try this!